Environment, Health & Safety

Our focus on creating sustainable business naturally brought consideration for the environment, health and safety (EHS) into our everyday operations. Across Myanmar suppliers and customers recognise our business units for their environmental impact and health and safety excellence.

The impact of our investment

As well as time and attention, a systematic EHS commitment takes resources. The positive impact on customers, staff and the wider community becomes evident in the valued relationships. Our record for safety makes us a prudent choice for industrial partners and clients. Strong EHS standards contribute to our excellent record of staff and customer loyalty.
Our relationship with our community is strengthened through Meet a Green Need, an annual CSR initiative focused on communities across South East Asia. We deliver meaningful and impactful projects, engaging our staff and providing lasting value for the community.

Aligned with corporate EHS principles

We use parent company Jebsen & Jessen's corporate EHS principles as a basis for EHS management throughout our organisation. This means integrating EHS considerations into corporate strategy, including decisions on activities, siting and operations. It also means establishing both policies, programmes and practices for conducting operations in a manner that is environmentally sound and that protects the health and safety of our people and the public. Most importantly it means turning decisions into action by providing the financial and human resources needed to implement policy.