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About Us

Our first local manufacturing facility in Myanmar is borne out of a 50:50 joint venture with Tiostone Holdings. Our products are not only of superior quality, but also provide value for money and are produced in an environmental friendly way, creating no by-products. Through pressing methods and the use of leading technology German machines, we achieve extreme durability as well as high cost efficiency. Our facility enables us to produce these concrete products to any specification and customer requirement.


Our German technology manufacturing machines are able to produce a large range of concrete blocks including:
    ◊ Paving Blocks (Interlocking)
    ◊ Paving Blocks (Rectangular)
    ◊ Hollow Blocks (Wall Partitioning)
    ◊ Hollow Blocks (Fencing)


Our concrete blocks can be used in many different applications, from construction to visual improvement as well as several multi-functional applications:
    ◊ Building & Residential Construction
    ◊ Streets & Roads
    ◊ Walkways and Landscapes
    ◊ Public Facilities (Airports, Ports, etc.)

Our Technology Partner

Hong-Kong based Tiostone is the leading manufacturer of concrete blocks in Hong Kong and China, producing environmental friendly concrete products, made of recycled industrial waste and glass. Through special treatment their concrete blocks are not only extremely durable, but also help to turn pollution into clean air.

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Construction Materials 


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