About Us

Our department works in close cooperation with world renowned suppliers from the crop science industry. Through our high quality crop science products we can provide sustainable growth for Myanmar's agricultural market. A carefully selected distribution network, covering eight divisions in Myanmar, ensures that the right products, professional after-sales services and the required education to work and use our products in a safe way, are accessible to all end-customers.


Our goal is to provide the right products and solutions for every challenge that local agricultural businesses might face. Our portfolio spans:
    ◊ Insecticides
    ◊ Fungicides
    ◊ Herbicides
    ◊ Foliar Fertilisers
    ◊ Fertilisers


Our products provide a large number of agricultural areas with efficient solutions. The main applications of our portfolio are:
    ◊ Pest Prevention & Control
    ◊ Plant Disease Protection
    ◊ Weed Control
    ◊ Growth Promotion
    ◊ Seed Treatment & Protection

Our Technology Partner

JJ-Pun has partnered with Bayer CropScience one of the world-wide leaders in innovation, quality and research of crop protection products. Since 150 years Bayer CropScience has shaped agricultural research and industries around the world. Together our mission is to bring world-class crop protection products and highest safety standards to local agricultural businesses, facilitating sustainable growth.

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Ko Ko Maung - Division Manager 



   +95 1 230 5135-7        
   +95 1 230 5138
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